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Why Join Scott Valley Fire?

  • TRAINING: Volunteers receive training in technical aspects of firefighting and emergency medical response. They may even earn marketable credentials. See the “Training and Benefits” section for details.
  • HELPING COMMUNITY: The Department offers opportunities to help friends, neighbors, and community members. Scott Valley Fire responds to all emergencies in the Valley, including car accidents, wildland fires, home medical needs, and structure fires.
  • INSURANCE RATES: In the Valley, everyone’s insurance rates depend on the preparedness of Scott Valley Fire. Even the option to buy or maintain fire insurance weighs in the balance. Everyone who owns property locally has a keen interest in supporting a strong and vibrant Fire District. By volunteering with Scott Valley Fire, you may also be protecting your own financial interests.
  • UNEMPLOYED? Maybe you are unemployed. That’s okay.
  • EMPLOYMENT: We want your help and can offer significant benefits in return. For those who show interest and ability—and are diligent about training, Scott Valley Fire volunteers may sometimes join Cal Fire and United States Forest Service strike teams, fighting fires near and far, and earning good pay. And being a Volunteer Firefighter certainly doesn’t hurt your résumé.
  • BE A HERO: Scott Valley is a small community. For the most part, we know and recognize each other. Most of you can recall a friend, relative, or colleague who has lived through a California fire, medical emergency, or vehicle crash. Those people have probably voiced high praise for those who came to the rescue. The next time your pager goes off, you could be one of our community’s heroes.