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Code of Ethics for Board

POLICY TITLE:  Code of Ethics for the Board of Commissioners

POLICY NUMBER:  4010 (reviewed 1/16/20)

4010.10 The Board of Commissioners of Scott Valley Fire Protection District is commit­ted to providing excellence in legisla­tive leadership that results in the provision of the highest quality of services to its constitu­ents.  In order to assist in the govern­ment of the behavior between and among members of the Board of Commissioners, the following rules shall be observed.

4010.11 The dignity, style, values and opinions of each Commissioner shall be respected.

4010.12 Responsiveness and attentive listening in communication are encouraged.

4010.13 The needs of the District's constituents should be the priority of the Board of Commissioners.

Secondary consideration is the Department (Operations), and lastly, the employees and volunteers. Once it is determined that an action is in the best interest of the District’s constituents and operations, every effort should be made to accommodate the employees/volunteers.

4010.14 The primary responsibility of the Board of Commissioners is the formulation and evaluation of policy.  Routine matters concerning the operational aspects of the District are to be delegated to Chief and other responsible managers of the District.

4010.15 (Deleted 7/11/13)

4010.16 (Deleted 7/11/13)

4010.17 Differing viewpoints are healthy in the deci­sion-making process.  Individuals have the right to disagree with ideas and opinions, but without being disagreeable.  Once the Board of Commissioners takes action, Commissioners should commit to supporting said action and not to create barriers to its implementation.

4010.18 Commissioners should practice the following proce­dures:

4010.181 In seeking clarification on informational  items, Commissioners may directly approach the Chief or other responsible managers to obtain information needed to supplement, upgrade, or  enhance their knowledge to improve the legislative decision-making.

4010.182 In handling complaints from residents and property owners of the District, refer to Policy #1030.

4010.183 Items related to safety, concerns for safety, or hazards should be immediately reported to the highest ranking member who can be reached, including the Chairperson or Chiefs. Emergency situations should be dealt with immediately by seeking appropriate assistance.

4010.184 In presenting items for discussion at Board meetings, see Policy #5020.

4010.185 In seeking clarification of policy-related concerns, especially those involving personnel, legal action, land acquisition and development, finances, and programming, said con­cerns should be referred directly to the Chairperson.

4010.19 When approached by District personnel concerning specific District policy, Commissioners should make every effort to clarify the policy statement. 

4010.20 The work of the District is a team effort.  All individuals should work together in the collaborative process, assisting each other in conducting the affairs of the District.

4010.21 When responding to constituent requests and concerns, Commissioners should be courteous, responding to individuals in a positive manner and routing their questions through appropriate channels and to responsible management personnel.

4010.22 Commissioners should develop a working relationship with the Chairperson wherein current issues, concerns, and District projects can be discussed comfortably and openly.

4010.23 Commissioners should function as a part of the whole. Issues should be brought to the attention of the Board as a whole, rather than to individual members selectively.

4010.24 Commissioners are responsible for monitoring the District's progress in attaining its goals and objectives, while pursuing its mission.