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There Are Many Ways to Volunteer

In the past, people have considered joining Scott Valley Fire as volunteers, but have felt uneasy about time commitments or pre-requisite qualifications. Not to worry. The fire department needs people who will never pack a hose or operate the Jaws of Life. For instance, there are openings for mechanics, inventory supervisors, record-keepers, social media wizards, and more. We even operate a beer truck (see Dalmatians).

And, of course, if you like the challenge of active fire and rescue, Scott Valley Fire can train you for a place in the heat of the flames.

May contain: clothing, apparel, helmet, human, person, and fireman
Firefighter Costello

Scott Valley Fire has over a dozen capable  water tenders, and related equipment. We are always looking for capable men and women to deploy them.

Water Tender 1531
A Scott Valley Fire ON FRIDAY.msg
Water Tender 1531 heading out to reload at Rattlesnake Fire