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Reimbursement Policies

Scott Valley Fire Protection District

Reimbursement Policies


POLICY TITLE:  Personal Vehicle Cost Reimbursement and Use


2100.10   When a member or employee is authorized to use his/her person­al vehicle in the performance of District work, he/she shall be reimbursed for the cost of said use on the basis of total miles driven and at the rate specified in the Internal Revenue Service guidelines in effect at the time of said usage.


POLICY TITLE:  Educational Assistance


2120.10 Personnel of the District are encouraged to pursue educational opportunities which are related to District duties, which will prepare them for foreseeable future opportuni­ties within the District.

2120.20 The District will reimburse volunteer personnel for approved courses of study on the following criteria:

2120.21 A refund of the entire cost of tuition and required class materials will be made if the personnel satisfactorily completed the class.       

2120.22   To be eligible for reimbursement of course costs, the personnel must receive advance approval for the class(es) from a chief officer.  Requests for reim­bursement must be submitted in writing.  The personnel will be notified of final approval, or the reasons for disapproval.

2120.30 Upon completion of the class(es) the personnel is responsible for sending copies of the grade slip(s), certificate of completion, and expense receipt(s) to the Administrative Officer.

2120.40 Two types of classes are generally eligible for reimbursement per this policy:

2120.41 (1) Classes which are related to the personnel's present District duties assignment, or (2) which may prepare him or her for future foresee­able opportunities within the District.  Such classes may be taken individually and need not be directed toward a degree or certificate.


POLICY TITLE:  Training, Education and Conferences (Board)


4090.10 It is the policy of Scott Valley Fire Protection District to encourage Board and staff develop­ment and excellence of perfor­mance by reimbursing expenses incurred for tuition, educational materials, travel, lodging and meals as a result of training, educational courses, participa­tion with professional organizations, and atten­dance at local, state and national confer­ences associated with the interests of the District.

4090.20 District administrative staff shall be responsible for making arrangements for per diem, travel, lodging and registra­tion for Commissioners attending state and national seminars, workshops and conferences.  Commissioners shall report all expenses to the District, together with validated receipts.

4090.30 Attendance by Commissioners and/or staff at seminars, workshops and conferences shall be approved by the Board of Commissioners prior to incurring any reimbursable costs.

4090.40 Upon returning from seminars, workshops, or confer­ences where expenses are to be reimbursed by the District, Commissioners will either prepare a written report for distribution to the Board, or make a verbal report during the next regular meeting of the Board. Said report shall detail what was learned at the session(s) that will be of benefit to the District.  Materials from the session(s) may be delivered to the District office to be included in the District library for the future use of other Commissioners and staff.