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Our Mission

Scott Valley FIRE Protection District exists primarily to provide professional-level fire protection with volunteer firefighters for all fires outside of incorporated city limits and within the legally designated boundaries of the district in Scott Valley.


1. To develop a sufficiently trained cadre of firefighter personnel to staff all fire stations in a manner so as to achieve the greatest protection/safety for the firefighters, citizenry and property and the lowest possible ISO insurance rating for the property owners.

2. To acquire and maintain proper equipment and fire station properties in sufficient quantities and quality to provide the maximum in protection/safety for the firefighters, citizenry and structural property and to achieve the lowest possible ISO insurance rating for the property owners.

3. To develop and train a cadre of medically trained personnel to staff an EMS vehicle (non- transport) to respond to medical aid calls in the south end (south of Etna) of Scott Valley.
4. To train, promote and support the most highly qualified management and supervisory team possible.

5. To encourage, elect and educate the most highly qualified members of a board of commissioners for the development and implementation of policies for the district and supervision of the fire chief’s office.

6. To effectively manage the financial resources generated by the special taxing district established by the voters to support the mission, objectives, goals and operations of the Scott Valley Fire Protection District.

7. To enter into those agreements and contracts, mutual and otherwise which will support the mission of the district and other objectives as delineated herein.

8. To support those community activities which promote education of the public in fire prevention and safety.

9. To generate and promote public awareness of Scott Valley Fire Protection District functions and activities.

10. To request and receive the financial support generated for equipment acquisition by the non-profit Dalmatians organization.