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Commissioner Jay Akerman retires

Commissioner Akerman served on the Board for twelve years, having joined in 2008 at the request of his friend and neighbor, retired Commissioner and Assistant Chief Richard Martin. Before retiring to Scott Valley in 1995, Akerman worked in the defense industry and in the early days of pre-internet, timesharing, remote super-computers. He taught at Dartmouth and MIT, then became a District Manager at General Electric and accepted international assignments in Paris and Greece. Eventually returning to California, Akerman’s career took off in a different direction when he became a screenwriter for Universal Studios. He was married for 31 years and has three children.

Akerman has filled several volunteer roles in Scott Valley and says how much he appreciated being on the Scott Valley Fire board and that it was an “honor assisting the firefighters who are doing the real work.” Akerman will continue to offer his vast experience to Scott Valley Fire as a consultant.